Yard Care Services

We have both Do-it-Yourself products as well as full service applications and will accommodate whatever degree of yard care service works for you. Our general coverage area for service is from Green Bay to Fond du Lac.  We will explore expansion option depending on demand. If we do not currently reach your area please don’t give up.  We will work with you in any way we can to help you better understand the organic approach to yard care service, enabling you to get started on your own.  The longer a soil is under chemical control the longer it takes for that soil to be self sustaining.  The sooner you start organics the better and doing something is always better than doing nothing. A word about compost teas.  Backyard Organics is a firm believer in the benefits in using compost and compost teas and would enjoy having a detailed conversation with you regarding all of its benefits, however, in the meantime, here is what the experts in the industry have to say about compost teas.

“Good tea is worth the trouble to brew because it can transform your lawn and garden” – Paul Tukey, author of the Organic Lawn Care Manual”

“Compost tea is one of the inputs on the horizon that will change the way we deal with several of the management aspects of growing high quality turfgrass, either in your backyard, on your town’s parks and athletic fields, or on commercial and institutional properties” – Chip Osborne, Osborne Organics.

“The use of actively aerated tea, when applied under a proper management regime, returns beneficial biology to the soil.  This in turn rebuilds a soil food web which, reduced dependency on fertilizers and pesticides, improves plant growth and reduces disease, significantly reduces water use, reduces toxicity, and encourages the healthy establishment of healthy biology” – Dr. Elaine Ingham,  President and Director of Research at Soil Foodweb Inc.

“Aerated compost teas are the latest in scientific organic research today. In many ways, aerated teas offer greater immediate benefits than classic compost, manure, or other homemade foliar teas” – The Garden Web