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Complete Soil Analysis

New in 2013 Backyard Organics will have the ability to offer complete soil analysis by evaluating biological activity in your soils using our own lab equipment. Understanding soil biology is the key to sustainability. Comprehensive soil testing forms the basis of any successful organic maintenance program. To fully understand your soil conditions three tests (Biological, Chemical and Textural) would be recommended, however, completing all three tests is quite often not economically feasible for the typical home owner.

To balance the necessity of the test and economic considerations, all soil samples are sent to a nationally recognized, independent laboratory (the same lab used by organic farmers nationwide). The results of this soil analysis not only show us mineral, chemical and nutrient profiles of the soil but also provide a clearer textural picture of the soil structure and provide a better indication of what nutrients are available to the plants.

Our formula, used with BYOtea™, is rich with a diverse group of fungi, bacteria as well as beneficial predators (protozoa and nematodes). Biological testing would provide a benchmark for future progress, however, it would not change our process since we are adding the microbes anyways. Soil testing is a free service with a year’s service commitment.

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