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Every yard is different and every client may have different expectations, which is why we take a customized approach to our services. To start the estimating process, help us understand your initial expectations, your responses will determine our service plan and estimate. We will also provide optional services in the estimate should your expectations change at any point.


    Please note – all services provided by Backyard Organics, regardless of the degree of impact, will provide fertilization and soil amendments that are safe, sustainable and organic.

    Minimal Impact

    • Low customer cost
    • Slower transition to sustainable soils
    • Turf is inclusive of other species (weeds). Not intended for weed management

    Moderate Impact

    • Moderate cost
    • Moderate weed control
    • Moderate transition to sustainable soils and appearance

    High Impact

    • Higher cost
    • Faster transition to sustainable soils
    • Ideal for high profile areas
    • Direct attention to weed control options


    • 5% off if you pay for the entire service up front
    • 20% off all optional services (aeration, overseeding top dressing, etc) if purchased with the recommended standard services
    • As always, we offer free garden treatments during the Spring and Fall Application (up to 2000 sq. ft.) with every yearly service