Lawn Pest & Disease Control

How Does Compost Provide an Alternative to Pesticides and Fertilizers?

Good quality compost tea and compost is the cornerstone of organic gardening and landscaping. The simple truth is that healthy, vigorous plants resist pests and diseases. The best way to raise healthy plants is to have healthy soil, and the best way to have healthy soil is to use compost teas and compost. Non-toxic methods.

All Natural Pest Control

Our program uses only non-toxic methods for treating and preventing pests and disease by relying on the following processes and do-it-yourself techniques:

  • Applying benefical nematodes to control Grubs, Fleas, Fungus Gnats and Over 200 Other Pests that Develop in the Soil
  • Applying organic/natural products for various pest control issues
  • Aerating to reduce plant stress
  • Monitoring moisture because inadequate moisture levels can weaken plants and make them susceptible to pest problems.
  • Compost teas have been shown to suppress powdery mildew.
  • Manually removing infected tree and shrub branches.
  • Manually removing weeds
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