why organics lawn care

Conventional chemicals used to treat lawns are toxic to humans and animals and have been linked to cause cancer and even death in pets. Several states have passed laws making it illegal to use chemical pesticides in public areas. As people become more aware of the damage caused by these chemicals, they will seek a safer solution. Backyard Organics offers a safe alternative to achieve a thick, healthy lawn without the use of toxic chemicals!

“Of the 30 most commonly used lawn pesticides, 19 can cause cancer, 13 are linked to birth defects, 21 can affect reproduction and 15 are nervous system toxicants.” (Beyond Pesticides, Quarterly Publication, Fall 2009. March 6, 2011.)

Set aside for a moment the health concerns and look simply at the practicality of chemical treatments.  Once your soil has been depleted of microbial activity (caused by chemical and synthetic treatments) your plants will always be dependent on the synthetic nutrients.  This dependency is costly,  has a number of ecological side affects and comes with unpredictable results.  Why not start a program that promotes the idea of nature treating nature for long term sustainability.

Remember that every land use decision we make will have a positive or negative effect on the land in our care.

Our Methods

Create and maintain a healthy soil food web.
Maintenance of natural land care should be based on the current conditions of the soil, current climate, and the requirements of the client. We will create a Custom Plan for your application based on these 3 factors rather than using a predetermined plan which can be inconsistent and unnecessary be­cause it doesn’t address a lawn’s unique needs. It’s all about the soil!  Best of all, because our lawn care products are non-toxic, lawns can be used immediately after application!

Create a healthier lifestyle by providing safe and effective lawn care services and products.
Our products and practices are not only safer for your family, but are also beneficial for the environment. Organic lawn care begins with  the soil and understanding it’s biological, structural and textural makeup.   By amending the soil, balancing its PH level, and providing an active blend of diverse microbial activity, we are able to create the healthiest environment for optimal grass growth. Backyard Organics makes use of all natural products such as compost teas, gypsum, corn gluten, and uniquely blended grass seeds to produce a lush lawn.

Over time, as you feed your soil organically you will eventually achieve self sustainability which means less time, less effort and less costs to maintain that healthy, safe lawn.

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