If you love your trees and shrubs, and know how much it costs to replace them, then you know that it makes sense to spend a small amount annually to protect your largest landscape investment. Now you can keep your trees and shrubs healthy, without spraying poisons into the air around your home.

Deep Tree Root Fertilization

In nature, trees and shrubs are fed through the decomposition of forest litter. This benefit is not provided by the home landscape. Our deep root fertilization provides a needed feeding with nutrients and organic soil conditioners, keeping trees healthy and helping them to resist disease.

Soil Soak Fertilization

As a soil drench, BYOtea™ develops a biological barrier around roots to prevent root disease-causing organisms from being able to find the roots. The tea also provides nutrients for the roots to improve growth in trees and shrubs. It also improves nutrient and moisture retention.

Foliar Fertilization

The availability of essential nutrients from the soil may be limited by root uptake. Factors affecting nutrient uptake are soil temperature, soil moisture, nutrient imbalances and general energy deficiencies. Foliar feeding can help maintain the nutrient balance within the plant, while this imbalance may continue to occur with soil nutrient uptake.
A site evaluation may be necessary to determine the appropriate fertilization method and tree service that you need.

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