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weed control

Weed Control Options – Finding your balance between organics and herbicides.

Weed control options By far the most asked question is “how do you control weed growth?” The organic answer is to create an equal balance of structural, chemical, and biological activity in the soil; without biological activity unhealthy soils and weeds are sure to exist. Biology (micro-organisms) is the foundation to healthy soils. Weeds are Read More…

Natures Pathways Cover

Nature’s Pathways Cover Article – April 2014

Building a purposeful life from the ground up Todd Rockweit betters his community and the earth through Backyard Organics In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous. —Aristotle As they shine between the leaves of a nearby maple tree, the sun’s rays gently warm your skin. The smell of flowering lilacs drifts Read More…

sustainable soils

Sustainable soils Part 2 – How nutrients and soil biology work together to form sustainable soils and healthy plants

To understand how soils work in conjunction with plants, you really need to understand cellular biology; however, in this article, we are going to take a much simpler look at how soil nutrients, plant function and soil biology work together to form a sustainable environment. As indicated in February’s article, most of us who are Read More…

Soil Analysis and Dressing

Sustainable Soils – Part 1 Soil Basics

In a series of articles that will be written throughout this years growing season, I will try to walk you through the process of converting a non-productive and/or chemical dependent lawn, garden, and/or farm into a safe, sustainable environment that requires less time, money and effort to achieve fantastic results.  This month, however, we are Read More…